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regulatory permitting
& APprovals

Lakeshore Environmental Ltd. has the expertise to supply our clients with services relating to the following government requirements including, but not limited to the following:​​

  • Section 11 under the Water Sustainability Act Notification and Approval applications for Changes In and About a Stream

  • Request for Project Review and Project Authorization under the Federal Fisheries Act

  • Industrial and Municipal Discharges under the Waste Management Act

  • Land Tenure Applications under the Lands Act

  • Licensing of ground water wells under the Water Sustainability Act

  • Applications for In-Stream Works under the Navigation Protection Act

Regulatory Permitting & Approvals

water quality

Lakeshore Environmental Ltd. has undertaken many diverse water quality studies on both lotic and lentic ecosystems in the Southern and Central Interior of BC. Our Qualified Environmental Professionals have comprehensive experience undertaking water quality studies including the analysis of water quality data.

Water Quality

aquatic & fisheries science

  • Fish and Aquatic Life form Salvage

  • Fish and Aquatic Habitat Compensation Planning and Monitoring

  • Substance Spill Control Monitoring and Remediation

  • Compensation Design for Harmful Alteration Destruction and Disruption of Fish Habitat (HADD)

  • Riparian Area Regulation (RAR)

Lakeshore Environmental Ltd. has a wide range of experience in fisheries and aquatic sciences. We possess a strong understanding of aquatic ecosystem communities (i.e., fish, invertebrates, and flora) and are proficient with the diverse collection methods and standards utilized within the environmental industry. A summary of our fisheries-based services, expertise, and professional interests are provided below:

  • Benthic Invertebrates

  • Fish and fish habitat inventories and assessments

  • Fish Stream Classification

  • Fish Passage Assessments

  • Environmental Land Use Planning

  • Client and Regulator Liaison

  • Environmental Permitting, Licensing, Approvals, and Notifications

  • Water Quality Sampling and Monitoring

Aquatic & Fisheries Science

species at risk

Many of the projects Lakeshore Environmental Ltd. has worked on have involved an aspect of identification, inventory, and/or habitat evaluation for Species at Risk. We are extremely familiar with provincial Best Management Practices, COSEWIC status and recovery reports, and RISC inventory methods related to the many identified Species at Risk within the southern interior and throughout BC. We have knowledge in species identification, habitat preferences and prescribing site specific best management practices to help minimize adverse impacts to species and their habitat.

Species at Risk

riparian areas regulations

As Qualified Environmental Professionals, we have been involved in completing riparian area assessments since our company’s inception in 2002. These assessments have been completed in the Thompson Nicola Regional District, Columbia Shuswap Regional District and North Okanagan Regional District. We have completed in excess of 100 different assessments for a variety of clients.

Riparian Areas Regulations

environmental monitoring

Lakeshore Environmental Ltd. has the capacity to undertake diverse environmental monitoring projects. We understand construction and engineering and the challenging logistics between the two. This understanding allows us to work with and alongside regulating agencies, contractors and stakeholders to ensure that the project stays on track and Best Management Practices for the protection of precious watercourses, important/sensitive terrestrial habitats and ecosystems are adhered to.  We are Qualified Environmental Professionals with over 50 years combined experience of environmental monitoring private and public infrastructure development projects.  Our diverse environmental monitoring services include:

  • Municipal Water Intakes

  • Pile Driving

  • Work in and About a Stream/Lake

  • Bridge Construction

  • Culvert removals

  • Shoreline Protection

  • In-stream Site Isolation

  • Fish Salvages

  • Fish Passage Restoration

  • Dams and Dykes

  • Water Intakes

  • Water Quality

Environmental Monitoring

terrestrial assessments

Lakeshore Environmental Ltd has in-depth experience with wildlife and vegetation assessments including a variety of resource development projects throughout BC.  We inventory and assess flora and vegetation communities, fish, birds, mammals, amphibians and reptiles.  We provide:

  • Amphibian Surveys and Salvages

  • Species at Risk (COSEWIC and SARA)

  • Rare and Invasive Plant and Community Inventories and Assessment

  • Avian Inventories including
    Pre-clearing Nest Surveys

Terrestrial Assessments
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